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Wiggins Recreation Center
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Wiggins Recreation Center
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Wiggins Recreation Center
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Wiggins Park & Recreation Center

3301 Jefferson Avenue SW
Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: 205-923-5922

Kelvin Ray, Directory




Welcome to our complementary presentation of what Surveillance would cover at Wiggins Recreation Center. All of the pictures were captured from ground level. Cameras will be mounted higher up and positioned in a manner that gives the best coverage available. The FOV (Field Of View) will change as individual cameras are professionally positioned and aligned for the best coverage. We connect our cameras to the controller (DVR) with professional grade custom cabling. From start to finish we encourage input from the staff and the community; Our installation is custom designed to provide the coverage the center needs to increase awareness 24/7; Remote viewing access is a part of the package (Internet access required) and there are no monthly fees; You Own the system.


1 entrance

1 This image should be very close to the actual image that will be captured.




2 Front

2 This too is a good depiction of the image that will be produced in this area.




3 - Lobby

3 This is another close representation of what a camera will actually capture for this area.




4 drinks

4 Here you will get a detailed view of activity captured in this area.


5 BB1

5 Cameras mounted in the basketball area will be mounted as high as 18 feet above the floor. This will cause a change in the FOV and therefore fewer cameras may be able to provide the coverage needed.


6 BB2



7 BB3



8 BB4




9 This is a Google Earth image that's included to highlight the parking lot area. Upon reviewing the pictures I realized that I did not capture an image of places that camera(s) will needed to cover the parking lot. I will return and capture additional pictures and update this illustration prior to submitting a quote. The elongated parking lot may require two cameras to provide ample coverage. Some coverage will be limited by the trees that are aligned near the front entrance.


10 Backdoor

10 This camera will be mounted from the top of the building. This is a good view of anyone entering or exiting the building. The trees that's in the left side of this pictures will limit the coverage. You will get better coverage if the tree are trimmed and in the winter when leaves have fallen.





11 Pool

11 This camera will be mounted from the roof and should provide a very good image of the entire pool area and a fairly good distant view of the ball park. This will be a good image.


12 Pool2

12 I will need to access the roof area to be able to make a final assessment. There is a chance that this camera and camera 13 can be positioned to allow one camera to provide the intended coverage.





13 BallPark

13 This camera and camera 12 could possibly be combined into a single camera that will provide a combination of the pool and distant park coverage.





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Wiggins Park & Recreation Center

3301 Jefferson Avenue SW
 Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: 205-923-5922
Wiggins Recreation Center
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